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Manufacture Industrial Refrigeration Solutions 

Value Chain

Everflo is an OEM. “Original equipment manufacturer” of systems in our factory near Cape Town.

We have extensive experience in all fishing industries and can select the appropriate solution for the client’s operation.

We then proceed with the design, installation, and commissioning, with after-sales service. Our full-circle experience gives us an advantage and competitive edge within the market.

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Vessel Design & Development

Everflo is involved in different industrial-scale delivery to the market.

Everflo has, in many cases, been given the opportunity to be selected as a contractor for new ships and also support shipyards and designers with their experience in the marine and fishing industry, ensuring that the correct refrigeration system and control panels are installed in the vessels.

• Non-Profit-Oraganisations

• Advisory Committees

EU funding and development programs

Everflo works with Non-Profit-Organisations, receives EU funding for pilot projects and is often approached for advice to offer solutions for improving cold-chain in different countries and fishing areas.

Our experience and innovative approach to solutions often lead these organisations to Everflo for advice and input. We also receive inquiries from funded projects.



• Fishing Company Owners

• Land-Based fish processing factories

• Fishing Vessels

Everflo is usually involved in the early stages of project development to guide decision-makers with our expertise.

Everflo also gets the opportunity to tender on these projects and is usually highly competitive in the open market.


Transport and Storage

Mining & Green Technologies

Everflo developed a system for water treatment and brine mining. The systems are a result of many years of experience in slurry-ice production with seawater. The equipment is then re-purposed and used in mining water.


The process of removing water from brine solutions in order to provide support to “Brine mining operations” and improve turnover with the Everflo process.


Further refined processes allow us to extract minerals at different temperatures and allow the owners to improve profitability with a targeted approach.

Working with Universities on EU-funded projects in Green Technology where we develop and prepare for the commercialisation of “OFF-GRID” cooling and water solutions for Hospitals and clinics in Africa.

Everflo is involved in different industrial-scale delivery to the market.  This could be in the form of large transporters.

New Developments

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