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About Everflo 


The concept of Local Economic Development is gaining widespread acceptance in South Africa. One major example is that of the town of Atlantis in Cape Town.

The removal of state support galvanised the local community into action.

Everflo is supporting the Atlantis Special Economic Zone Community Stakeholders Network, a voluntary association which strives to empower the Atlantis community.

Many of our staff members are from Atlantis and we believe that the training and development initiatives we provide will inevitably lead to the community’s empowerment.

The founder of Everflo, Evert Potgieter grew up in a small fishing village on the West Coast of South Africa and was inspired by a friend of his father’s, a manager of a nearby fish factory, to study Mechanical Engineering and specialise in refrigeration.

Evert later worked on fishing vessels to identify faulty systems. He gained much experience in design and installations which prepared him for his solutions-driven approach in the refrigeration industry.

Involvement in the early days of binary ice system development served him well because of its revolutionary status at the time. Evert started out by joining a partnership with Pam Refrigeration, a Norwegian-based company, which he later bought out. Everflo was founded in 2002 and grew into an internationally recognised company, respected for its solutions-driven and innovative approach.

Today, Everflo plays a meaningful role in the total fishing value chain, striving to improve efficiency and environmental targets.

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Financial Director

Ronel studied a BCom Degree, specialising in Business Management. She had an extensive banking background before joining Everflo as Financial Director. Her responsibilities include financial and general management.


CEO / Founder

Evert studied Mechanical Engineering and specialised in refrigeration. As an adroit analytical problem-solver and divergent-thinker, Evert has accurately positioned Everflo, with their highly innovative systems, as an industry leader.


Sales Manager

Conrad studied Mechanical Engineering and furthered his studies in Refrigeration, ASME and BS 5500 Pressure Vessel Design and did a GEA Directors course in management.

Conrad’s main responsibility at Everflo is Sales Management.


Project Manager

Arno studied Mechanical Engineering and Project Management. He is involved with the design, manufacturing, commissioning, and servicing of marine and industrial refrigeration systems.


Operations Manager

JC started at Everflo in 2015 as operations manager.

He studied industrial engineering and his focus is on managing the overall operations. He is also responsible for effective and successful management of labour, productivity, quality-control, and safety measures.


Systems Design Manager

Anton is an Industrial Refrigeration Engineer and Project Manager. He is involved in design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and servicing of marine and industrial refrigeration systems.

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