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Learning Journey -

Dear Mr. Potgieter and JC

When the ASEZ indicated to Everflo what we would like to achieve with the Learning Journey, it was indeed taking our career guidance initiatives to a new level. As far as I know no other company in Atlantis has implemented tours for school-going learners to industries and that makes ASEZ and EWSETA the first.

We would like to convey our appreciation and thanks to Everflo as a partner for being part of this incredible journey.

I think our combined efforts paid off when the one learner said that he would not ordinarily be inspired to do research around energy and water but after the tour, he said that he would be researching more on the sectors, and that for us was a major WIN.

Thank you for the logistical arrangements and making sure Friday went off without a hitch.

Kind Regards Christelle Solomons

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