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Live Crab Solution

Client Brief / Specs

Our spec demands a maximum of 37m3/ hr new seawater at 22C with two chillers:

Actual test with 24C water:

With heat recovery;

1 chiller = 30 m3/hr

2 chillers = 60 m3/hr

3 chillers = 90 m3/hr


If we bypass heat recovery, with 24C water feed: the result is as follows:

2 Chillers =32m3/ hr

3 Chillers = 52 m3/hr


We, therefore, "over-perform" with our system make-up water requirements with 60/37 = appropriate x 1.62. Therefore deliver 62% more water at temperature to the tanks than promised.  Captain's response -  "I do understand that this over performance and very good"  According to the Captain, the original spec of 37m3/hr make-up water was not enough. The ship can catch 120-ton Live Crab (King Crab) and store. Our Solution offers crab 5-star facilities to live healthy and comfortably onboard.  We chill 60-90 tons of water in one hour from 24C to 0C and pump oxygen into the tanks.

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