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About Everflo Australia Pty Ltd

Everflo is acquiring a commercial plant module, for demonstration purposes, which will be used to demonstrate and market the Everflo Process to targeted mining companies, as well as agricultural and other industry markets where salt-reduced water is required.  The Everflo Process may also be used for concentrated reject brine streams, acid mining wastes, and reject streams from reverse osmosis (RO) plants.

The process plant can be continuously remotely monitored and has the capacity to achieve a final liquid hydration rate of approximately 75%.

The Everflo Process plant can be expanded with the addition of standard modules to minimise upfront capital expenditure and accelerate production as required.

EVERFLO Australia Pty Ltd (Everflo) has completed agreements with Everflo (Pty) Ltd of Cape Town, South Africa for the exclusive rights to acquire and use Everflo South Africa’s commercialised process plant worldwide in the mining industry for the recovery of selected salts contained within saturated feed brines and for reducing salt levels in water being used in mineral extraction process plants. In addition, the company has the exclusive rights to use the plant for any other industry, such as agriculture, in Australia and New Zealand.

The Everflo Process also produces water suitable for various uses in agricultural and other industries. The water can also be utilised in remote country locations for commercial use and potentially for domestic water supply.

Pieter Unsworth

CHAIRMAN Everflo Australia/ B.Com, FAICD

Peter Unsworth, formerly a Chartered Accountant, has more than 45 years of experience in the corporate finance, investment, venture capital, and securities industries, plus a wealth of experience in management and as a director of government entities, public and private companies. Read more . . . 

Andrew Law has over 35 years of experience in the mining and resources industry in Australia, Africa, and South America. His extensive technical and management experience ranges from deep-level underground mining to large open-pit and large mineral sand mining and dredging environments. Read more . . . 


Andrew Law

Bruce Smith has extensive experience working in various corporate and private operations management roles. He was the national marketing and sales manager for an industrial Ceramics manufacturer, specialising in technical high-temperature and wear-resistant materials for the mining industry. He has also held marketing, sales, and technical support positions for refractory products, representing several corporate operations in England, America, and South Africa, including Carborundum, Saint-Gobain, and Kennecott. He was also employed as a commodities trader and agent for Alcan Trading-Zurich. Read more . . . 

Executive Director Everflo Australia

Bruce Smith


Non-Executive Director Everflo Australia / NHD Mech Engineering

Evert studied Mechanical Engineering and specialised in refrigeration. As an adroit analytical problem-solver and divergent-thinker, Evert has accurately positioned Everflo, with their highly innovative systems, as an industry leader. Read more . . .

Jeeten Nathoo

Non-Executive Director Everflo Australia / BSc9ENG) (Chemical)(UCT), MSc(ENG)(Chemical)(UCT), Executive MBA, MSAIChemE

Jeeten Nathoo is a process/chemical engineer with 20+ years of specialist experience in industrial wastewater, complex mine water and process water treatment, seawater desalination, hydrometallurgy, aqueous thermodynamic modelling, as well as research and the development of novel water refining processes involving the integration of various water treatment strategies for hypersaline brines. Read more . . . 

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