SeaChill RSW

“The Ultimate Refrigerated Sea Water Chilling Solution”

 Our compact, innovative and energy efficient SeaChill RSW range is available in both “Single” and “Twin” configuration.

Why our RSW System?

We understand fish chilling and, more importantly, we understand how to optimally circulate the water for the best chilling performance. This stems from years of experience with RSW systems.

Our RSW systems are compact and provide the smallest footprint possible. They have been designed to allow easy access from one side only allowing the system to be installed against the side of the vessel thereby saving valuable floor space.

The package is completely integrated and all components are specifically designed to ensure space effective layout.

Our systems range from the 100 to 2000 cubic meters.

We provide a total solution in terms of water-circulation and refrigeration system. Systems are designed as a complete unit ensuring overall compatibility and catering for every conceivable operational requirement on board.

We design, manufacture, install and commission the total water circulations system in HDPE plastic piping, including pumps.


Mycom, Bitzer or GEA Screws


We can use any screws depending on the size of the system and your requirements and specifications

Shell and tube titanium condensor


Including HDPE / Stainless steel water covers which are corrosion free.

Zero Maintenance Oil Cooler


Oil cooling is facilitated with a thermoshiphon oil cooler and therefore no maintenance is required on the oil cooler for the screw compressor.

Shell and Tube Titanium Chiller


Highly efficient and effective chiller with water in the tubes and therefore easy to clean and maintain.

Corrosion free HDPE and stainless steel water covers.

Compact, high efficiency oil separator


We manufacture our own horizontal oil separators, which are highly efficient with a very low oil carry-over. In addition, we use multi-stage oil separation and a fine filer at the end of the line to ensure optimum oil separation.

Siemens starting gear and controls


Easy operation and reliability enhances your operation