Super IQF

“The Ultimate IQF Solution”

Efficient, compact and hygienic our Super Individual Quick Freezing systems will provide years of trouble free operation.

Why our IQF Solution?

Ideally suited to operations where large freezing loads and independent operation is a requirement.  It allows for  flexibility, scaleability and improved redundancy.

The modular system design is as efficient as those of central plant operations.


Stainless Steel Piping


We do most of our ammonia piping in stainless steel. All gauge lines and piping from 2″ and smaller are made from stainless steel.

Compact, Small Footprint


The most compact and complete packed unit available saving you space where you need it most.

Zero Maintenance Oil Cooler


Oil cooling is facilitated with a thermoshiphon oil cooler and therefore no maintenance is required on the oil cooler for the screw compressor.

Environmentally Fiendly


The use of ammonia means that the system is not subject to any “Environmental taxes”

Multi Stage Oil Separator


We manufacture our own horizontal oil separators, which are highly efficient with a very low oil carry-over. In addition, we use multi-stage oil separation and a fine filer at the end of the line to ensure optimum oil separation.



Modularised designs provide flexibility and improved redundancy.