“The Ultimate Blast Freezing Solution”

A uniquely designed ammonia based overfeed system, the SuperBlast range ensures easy and trouble free operation of this innovative blast freezing system. Also available as a containerised solution

Why our Blast Freezing System?

Over many years, Everflo has developed unique ammonia packs that power our systems. The footprint is small and it provides the most efficient and robust system on the market.

The solutions are provided in a modular onsite configuration or in a containerised form. The modular     onsite version allows up to 16 tons freezing capacity and the containerised version up to 5 tons.

Our containerised SuperBlast C range is well suited to developing fishing markets, such as some of those in Africa, where the infrastructure for operations is being established.

Our containerised units provide the following benefits:

– Completely self contained

– No specialised skills required to operate

– Modular nature allows for easy expansion and mobility

– Designed to prevent contamination of the refrigeration system in the event of motor failure.

– Common parts across the range reduce spare part requirements.

– High level of reliability due to the design and quality of the components used


Stainless Steel Piping


We do most of our ammonia piping in stainless steel. All gauge lines and piping from 2″ and smaller are made from stainless steel.

Compact, Small footprint


Most compact and complete packed unit available saving you space where you need it most.

Motor and Compressor seperation


The motor and compressor are separate and hence, in the unlikely event that a motor burns, the refrigeration system will not be contaminated.

Environmentally Friendly


The use of ammonia means that the system is not subject to any “Environmental taxes”

Multi Stage Oil Separator


We manufacture our own horizontal oil separators, which are highly efficient with a very low oil carry-over. In addition, we use multi-stage oil separation and a fine filer at the end of the line to ensure optimum oil separation.

Modularised Design


Modularised site configuration provides scalability up to 16 tons and high level of redundancy.

Containerised option available as a complete containerised unit allowing 5 tons of fish to be frozen from +200 C down to -200 C  in 15 hours.